Nutrition and Wellness Consultations

    Your health and wellness are invaluable.  Being able to enjoy life to the fullest is worth your time and effort.  Being healthy takes hard work, but it can also be very satisfying physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If you find ways to make healthy living enjoyable, it becomes easier to maintain on a daily basis.

    Whether you are in need of a complete lifestyle overhaul, or you are looking to make small changes to your diet and exercise habits, it can be very helpful to have someone with an outside perspective and professional knowledge guiding you in the right direction.  Melissa will review your health and nutrition concerns and work with you to develop a plan that will address your immediate goals, but give you the tools and strategies to make realistic lifestyle changes that you can live with long-term.

    Melissa offers several different wellness consultation package options to meet your personal nutrition and exercise goals and needs.  If you are looking for strategies to help you make better food choices, someone to help you create a menu plan, a place to work through nutrition issues, or get started with an exercise routine, you’ve come to the right place!  Also check out our Facebook page for FREE Nutrition Support groups!

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    Fitness Classes

    I am currently teaching group fitness classes at the BAC For Women in Cheektowaga, NY.  My fitness classes are challenging, yet doable for anyone of any fitness level.  If you have never taken a group fitness class, you are missing out!  The atmosphere is so motivating, and you will be surprised at the bonds and friendships you form with the other women in class.  You can take the class to your level of fitness, modifying anything as you go.  The women in my class are all shapes and sizes, and range in age from 20-somethings to women in their 70s.  Come join me for a fantastic workout!

    You can find more information about BAC membership here.