5 Skinny Ways to Infuse Flavor Into Food

5 Skinny Ways to Infuse Flavor Into Food

Sometimes, one of the most challenging aspects of eating healthy is making the food taste good. Like me, some people prefer a more bland diet and can handle chomping on plain rice cakes without a problem. But many people, also like me, like their food to have flavor. In the past, many healthy foods were seen as just bland or flavorless, but there are so many low-calorie ways to give your food flavor without adding fat and mega calories.

Let’s talk first about the high-fat toppings that are typically added to food that you want to avoid as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong from the start, I use all of these food items in my house regularly, but I have learned to use less of them and supplement them with the options listed below. Butter comes up first. My grandmother cooked everything in butter, and a lot of it. She lived to be 89, but that doesn’t mean all of that butter is a good idea. Many people use butter on their vegetables to make them more palatable. Another high-calorie topper is mayonnaise. People love putting mayo on their sandwiches and using it in salads. The problem here again is that we use way too much because we like the tang it adds. Another dangerous bottle found in many refrigerators is oily salad dressing. We like to dress up our greens to help them go down easier, but you could make your own dressing with a little bit of olive oil and some of the ingredients I talk about below for a much healthier and natural salad dressing. Last, is sour cream. We make a lot of Mexican recipes in my house and low-fat sour cream used to go on everything. I still occasionally use it, or swap it with plain Greek yogurt.

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