How to Build a Home Fitness Center For $100 or Less

How to Build a Home Fitness Center For $100 or Less

There are so many ways to create an active lifestyle.  You can join a gym and get all the benefits of a wide variety of cardio and strength training machines, group exercise classes, and personal trainers.  Maybe the gym isn’t your thing, or just not in your budget right now.  Well that’s cool, because you can create a home fitness center for $100 or less.

The first thing you need to make this possible is some space.  A corner of the basement, a spare room, even the garage are all options for a home fitness center.  If you truly want to dedicate yourself to being active, then you need to figure out the best space that will work for you, without interrupting other parts of your life.

Once you have the space, it’s time to shop. The good news is that you don’t need any fancy, intricate machines to have a superb home fitness center.  Those machines are expensive, take up a lot of space, and truly are not necessary.  You can get just as good of a workout with smaller, less inexpensive pieces of equipment.  I’m going to walk you through your must-haves, and then some additional options if your budget allows, or to think about adding in the future.

Before we get to actual equipment, I highly recommend you have access to a TV or computer in your home fitness center.  You can subscribe to Fitness Blender and get access to hundreds of free workouts.  I do these workouts regularly and they are always challenging and fun.  New workouts are added every Monday, so there’s always new stuff to choose from.

The Must-Haves

Set of Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a basic necessity for any home gym.  They can be used in so many ways to help sculpt and tone your body.  It is good to have a set of three rather than just one size dumbbell, so that you can challenge yourself with heavier weights when you are ready.  I tend to use heavier weights with lower body sculpting moves, and lighter weights with upper body sculpting moves.

AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells

This basic set has three different size dumbbells, in 2-pound, 3-pound, and 5-pound.  I love dumbbells with Neoprene because your hands don’t slip on them, especially when you get sweaty.  It also comes with a weight stand, which helps the weights take up less space in your house.  This set is very reasonably priced at $24.99 and should last you as long time.


Resistance Bands

If you have never worked out with resistance bands, you need to add it to your routine.  Bands make you work your muscles in completely different ways than dumbbells.  You have to control your movements more, and it takes more coordination.  Bands are awesome because they take up very little space and are super light to pack in a suitcase for traveling.

Koncle Resistance Bands Set

This great set has five bands in different weights, including 5-pound, 10-pound, 15-pound, 20-pound, and 25-pound.  The bands are stackable for easy storage, but also come with a carrying bag.  Also included are foam handles, ankle straps, a door anchor, and an exercise chart.  The chart will help you make sense of what exercise to do and which attachments to use.  This set is a steal at $16.99.

Stability Ball

I love my stability ball so much.  It is great for any type of workout, but I especially love it for core work.  The ball requires you to use your balance and makes basic moves a lot more challenging.  A ball doesn’t take up much space, but it can also be deflated for easy storage.

Timberbrothers Anti-Burst Stability Exercise Ball

This is all you need right here for just $11.99.  This comes with a pump to inflate your ball.

Medicine ball

Weighted medicine balls are an awesome addition to your home fitness center.  They are fun to use, and are fantastic for core work.  Again, this little ball won’t take up much space.

Spectrum No-Bounce Medicine Ball

This ball is great because it is made of vinyl on the outside, which is more comfortable to grip.  It is filled with sand to give you 8 pounds of extra weight to add to your workout moves.  It will cost you $11.99.


You want to have an exercise mat for exercise moves you do on the floor.  This will include lower body toning moves and abdominal work.  These mats roll up for easy storage.

Prosource Exercise and Yoga Mat

You definitely don’t need to get fancy with a mat.  This one is thick and comes with carrying straps for easy travel. It is anti-slip for when you get sweaty, and water resistant. Grab one for $18.99.


Jump rope

A simple jump rope can be a very powerful piece of equipment.  Jump roping is a well-known conditioning exercise for boxers, and that’s for good reason.  It builds endurance and is great cardiovascular activity.  A jump rope won’t take up much space, and you can pretty much do it anywhere.

Ziyue Jump Rope

This jump rope is fast and stable, so it doesn’t fly all over the place when you jump.  The length is adjustable to suit your height, and the grips are made of foam to keep your hands comfortable.  Grab this rope for only $6.99.


There you go…all you need for $91.94!

The Add-Ons

Once you have the basics, you are ready to set up your home gym and get to work.  If you have more money in your budget, you may want to consider adding on these options.  If it’s not in your budget right now, try to plan to add one new piece every 6 months or even once a year.

Body Bar

A weighted body bar is another great option for strength training.  It is a little more difficult to use than dumbbells because you’re dealing with a long bar full of weight.  It’s a great addition to a home gym, and can easily sit in a corner out of the way when not in use.

Fitness Republic Sculpting Workout Bar

This 6-pound bar will challenge your muscles in new ways.  It costs $27.99, but will be a great investment when you are ready to add some variety to your home fitness center.



A step can be used for cardio or sculpting.  You can use the step to add some elevation to your cardio moves to make them harder.  Or you can use it to make lower body sculpting moves more challenging, and even to do moves like planks and push-ups.  A step is easy to store.

KLB Sport Adjustable Exercise Step

This step can be adjusted to add anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of height to your workout moves.  It has a non-slip surface for safety, and will cost you $23.99.

Gliding Discs

Many people overlook gliding discs because they seem so simple, or maybe they don’t know how to use them.  Discs are a great way to change up your lower body moves.  They force you to use more control, which makes your workout more effective.

Colugos Gliding Discs

These are so great!  The plastic side is good to use on carpet, while the cloth side will work on your floors without scratching them.  These are designed to use with your hands to work on your core, but can also be used under your feet for lunges.  They also come with a carrying bag for travel and only cost $10.97.


The BOSU trainer is one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment ever.  This simple dome-shaped squishy surface makes any type of move harder.  You can stand on it to do squats and feel yourself wobble as your core tries to balance, or do push ups on it to make them more challenging.

Giantex Yoga Ball Balance Trainer

Ok, this isn’t the BOSU brand, but that’s because BOSU is pretty expensive.  This is pretty much the same thing, but for half the price.  For $45.99, you get the ball trainer, a pump to inflate it, and two elastic strings to help you keep your balance.



Another way to vary your workouts is to add some workout DVDs to your home fitness center.  There are so many great cardio and strength training options out there.  Any time you need a little motivation or someone telling you exactly what to do, DVDs can be a good thing to turn to.  Here are a few good ones:

Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred

Zumba Shake Shake Shrink

Jillian Michaels Get Ripped in 30

If you’re ready to build your home fitness center, get shopping and have fun!

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