My name is Melissa Pilon.  I am a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and a certified Fitness Instructor.  I am married with two children, and we live in Buffalo, NY.  Good health, nutrition, and fitness are my passions.  It is even more my passion to help other people become healthier, eat better, and exercise more.  I also love to cook, bake, read, write, exercise, and do anything outside (when the weather is warm!).  My favorite foods include cheese (the stinkier the better), dark chocolate, popcorn, roasted Brussels sprouts, pineapple, and ice cream.  For exercise, I will do anything, but I really love spinning, strength training, running, and bike rides.



I believe in eating MOSTLY clean, which means 80-90% of the time.  When I eat this way, my body just works better and I feel amazing.  The other 10-20% is reserved for whatever I want.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, and part of that enjoyment comes from food.  I would never tell you that you can’t eat pizza or drink wine.  My goal is to teach you how to make healthier choices most of the time.


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