Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

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Your health and wellness are invaluable.  Being able to enjoy life to the fullest is worth your time and effort.  Being healthy takes hard work, but it can also be very satisfying physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If you find ways to make healthy living enjoyable, it becomes easier to maintain on a daily basis.

Whether you are in need of a complete lifestyle overhaul, or you are looking to make small changes to your diet and exercise habits, it can be very helpful to have someone with an outside perspective and professional knowledge guiding you in the right direction.  I will review your health and nutrition concerns and work with you to develop a plan that will address your immediate goals, but give you the tools and strategies to make realistic lifestyle changes that you can live with long-term.

If you are looking for strategies to help you make better food choices, someone to help you create a menu plan, a place to work through nutrition issues, or get started with an exercise routine, you’ve come to the right place!

Nutrition and wellness coaching can take on so many forms and focus on so many things. I strive to make this experience as valuable to you as possible.  Some of the areas that can be explored in coaching include, but are not limited to:

basic nutrition

weight loss

food journals

goal setting

personalized eating strategies

meal planning

grocery shopping

exercise motivation

exercise routines

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation will include a review of your food journal, goal setting based on the areas you want to focus on, and personalized wellness strategies, which may include a 7-Day Meal Plan and/or Fitness Plan.  You will need to complete a client contract, nutrition questionnaire, and 3-day food journal prior to your appointment.

     In-person (Buffalo area residents only)       60 minutes     $75

     Via phone or Skype    $65

Follow-up Coaching Sessions

 A follow-up session may include review of your food journal, goal assessment, a new meal plan and/or fitness plan, and further wellness strategies.

     In-person (Buffalo area residents only)      30 minutes     $35

     Via phone or Skype    $30


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